The President of the National Monitoring Committee for the PRR, Pedro Dominguinhos, emphasized the importance of the INOV.AM Agenda and the relationships between the mobilizing agendas of the Leiria region and its partners.

During his presentation at the Business Association of the Leiria Region (NERLEI) on November 21st, he highlighted the Moulds Event 2023 as a significant example of the crucial interactions among the various entities that compose the agenda.

These interactions are essential for strengthening regional innovation systems.

Região de Leiria, 22 Nov. 2023,
Moulds Event 2023 - A importância da agenda INOV.AM

Pedro Dominguinhos highlighted the significant tradition of the Mould Week in Leiria, a region renowned for its prominence in the mould industry.

Additionally, he underscored the need to promote a regional innovation system, emphasizing the importance of economic relations, knowledge exchange, and, above all, trust among different partners.

These partnerships encompass businesses, universities, polytechnics, incubators, business associations, and technological centers.

He also mentioned that Centimfe, a renowned technological center specializing in moulds, is part of the INOV.AM agenda.

Pedro Dominguinhos added that the mobilizing agendas aim to develop new products and services that can be marketed in the industry.

Ultimately, he pointed out the necessity of prototypes for some of the companies testing innovative products.

Inov.AM - Innovation in Additive Manufacturing
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