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A successful transition to Additive Manufacturing (AM) will require new STEAM skills to exploit its full benefits. It is difficult to find human resources with skills and qualifications to apply AM to the industry. While current engineering graduates may have learned about the technology, it is uncommon to find potential collaborators who understand the holistic capabilities of AM technology as it entails general knowledge and combines different fields os study, such as mechanical engineering, materials (e.g. polymers, metal) and design.

Currently, there is a lack of educational initiatives that can train a qualified, capable and adaptable workforce that could keep up with the growth that AM is experiencing. Available training courses in engineering, management, and design that are related to production and manufacturing do not provide the skills and knowledge needed to effectively implement AM technologies. An efficient transition to AM requires human resources that are capable of working in multidisciplinary teams and use 3D modeling software and scanning systems. People working in this area must understand the specifications of different processes, including post-processing techniques and their respective machines, applications and materials, in order to evaluate the implications/benefits of AM across the entire value chain.

Given this context, it is urgent to implement an Academy that covers the entire national territory and enables the fast training of human resources, so that companies can use AM. Considering the needs that are identified within the scope of the INOV.AM project, the idea is that these workforce qualifications will be developed/implemented with training actions for different profiles: operational  workers, managers, product development engineers and other relevant human resources in the value chain. The Academy should enable the acquisition of knowledge and skills, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, supporting and forming positive contexts for digital transition and increasing AM in the industry.

This Academy, with different educational centers, can also be used to validate technologies, materials and processes to meet the production needs of companies by developing different types of tests for specific challenges. To this end, the project has two distinct, although interdependent, levels of objectives:

a) Qualify human resources so they are able to optimize the application of Additive Manufacturing technologies (Management, technical and operational workers).

b) Development of educational centers that are equipped with additive manufacturing technologies for HR training. Development of 4 complementary centers: in Guimarães (Centro1), Leiria (Centro2), Marinha Grande (Centro3) and Oeiras (Centro4).

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