WP23 – Innovation and Sustainability Management

WP23 – Innovation and Sustainability Management includes a set of transversal actions that aim to enhance the added value resulting from the other WPs. It is divided into 5 Activities and it is associated with 4 Intervention Areas the project proposes:

  • A1 – Technological surveillance and knowledge protection;
  • A2 – Certification models;
  • A3 – Sustainability management;
  • A4 – Knowledge mobility;
  • A5 – Management, promotion and economic return of project results.

A1 – Technological surveillance and knowledge protection, which TecMinho is responsible for, is an organized, selective and permanent process of capturing information about science and technology that is relevant to the project, selecting, analyzing, promoting and communicating, in order to convert it into knowledge to inform decisions with less risk and with the capacity to anticipate changes.

A2 – Certification models, which Centimfe is responsible for, with the collaboration of PIEP, includes two
complementary aspects of extreme relevance. On the one hand, the development of models or test plans to be performed on the materials, products and processes resulting from the project; on the other hand, the structuring of guidelines for certification processes, which will enable in the near future the creation of a standard of requirements for products and processes based on additive manufacturing.

A3 – Sustainability management involves a set of interactions led by PIEP with the collaboration of Centimfe, which aims to evaluate the most relevant results of the project, in environmental, economic and social terms, in relation the initial state of the project.

A4 – Knowledge mobility is an Activity led by AIDA with Poolnet, which aims to promote, in an integrated manner at national level and especially at the international level, the technologies and materials for additive manufacturing that are being worked on within this Innovation Pact, including the customized and high-value-added products resulting from the development of new materials and from the production of equipment for additive manufacturing.

A5 – Management, promotion and economic return of project results, which Erofio is responsible for as project promoter, aims to ensure the completion of the different activities that are planned for this project, within the defined deadlines, respecting the budgeted costs and identifying possible deviations from the established activity plan.

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