WP20 – Conformal.Wood

WP20 – Conformal.Wood

Composite materials with a polymeric matrix and reinforced with natural fibers started being produced essentially to respond to needs in the construction sector, which traditionally used wood intensively, both in the construction of structures and in their cladding and paving.

This project aims to meet existing needs regarding the production of highly complex components made of thermoplastic matrix compounds with wood and cork fibers, using additive manufacturing techniques based on extrusion and pinbed processes.

The aim is also to develop the necessary raw materials. The entire system will be integrated into a work cell to deposit the different materials on the adjustable printing bed.

Specifically, the aim is to develop a system of large Cartesian axes to enable the deposition of thermoplastics with the inclusion of pine and eucalyptus fibers, and to enable the deposition of wooden tapes to produce free-form panels.

After assembly, these panels will be capable of having walls with evolving shapes, which are ideal for interiors and auditoriums, in addition to enabling the construction of facades.

Another aspect of this project is based on the development of equipment and materials for processing cork compounds. One of the pieces of equipment will be based on large extrusion manufacturing using an anthropomorphic robot. The other will be based on additive manufacturing with a granule layer. The granules will be made of cork and will be coated with thermoplastic materials, such as photosensitive or thermosetting resins.

In the case of production with a granule bed, it is expected that the amount of binder will be reduced, thus highlighting the properties of cork. Additionally, at least two compound recipes will be developed: one for extrusion and another based on granules.

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