WP18 – Glass.AM

WP18 – Glass.AM

Among the materials that can be used in 3D printing, crystal and glass processing presents numerous challenges. Our objective is to develop, implement and apply peripheral systems that can be adapted to processes both upstream and downstream of additive manufacturing.

An additive manufacturing machine for glass and crystal faces challenges related to the temperatures involved and the mechanical demands of the equipment, which need to cover different areas with different temperatures. We intend to develop systems that are aimed at three different realities: TECHNICAL GLASS, ARTISTIC GLASS AND CRYSTAL.

The additive manufacturing of glass will open up new possibilities for studies on the application of additive manufacturing in the glass area and, chiefly, it will explore the use of an additive manufacturing technology that is capable of producing objects with materials with high melting points, without the need to resort to traditional furnaces, thus contributing to a drastic reduction in the energy bill.

With this application of equipment for the additive manufacturing of glass and, consequently, with the whole project, we aim to:

  • Significantly increase the production capacity of stylized pieces in colorless or multicolored glass, that is, increase the flexibility of the production system, and product complexity and quality;
  • Reduce production costs by reducing energy, labor and raw material bills, as in additive manufacturing there is no room for waste and furnaces are eliminated;
  • Bring production closer to end customer requirements through freedom to create shapes and geometries, given the high adaptability of additive manufacturing equipment.

To achieve these objectives, the project proposes the implementation of the following strategies/approaches:

  • Full characterization of raw materials: technical glass, artistic glass and crystal;
  • Preliminary studies to investigate and characterize the deposition parameters of raw materials;
  • Design, develop and build functional prototype equipment that allows the deposition of the raw materials described above, layer by layer;
  • Develop an integrative computational application to support direct additive manufacturing that includes a haptic, sensorial interface, allowing the unlimited creation of glass parts;
  • Full characterization of the material obtained by equipment for the additive manufacturing of glass;
  • Testing and validation of designed parts and finishing processes on glass parts. Redefinition of geometries and limits based on the obtained results.

The full completion of these objectives will make it possible to produce pieces in colorless or multicolored glass, without limits on shape or geometry.

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