WP15 – OrthoScan3D

WP15 – OrthoScan3D

Orthoses are medical devices used to improve performance in people with difficulties and/or disabilities. Widely prescribed to correct various pathologies, customized orthoses are recognized for their advantages in terms of medical functionality and comfort, allowing continuous use during the recommended treatment period.

Adapting the geometric shape to the patient provides greater efficiency in immobilization or restriction of movement. On the other hand, the adoption of additive manufacturing techniques enables topological optimization, 4D manufacturing and incorporation of multi-materials, resulting in weight and thickness reduction, increased breathability and controlled flexibility.

Additive manufacturing systems have proven to be suitable for customizing wearable and non-wearable devices. Despite being recommended for applications where customization is essential, these systems are not commonly applied in the Portuguese healthcare sector.

To effectively make use of those benefits, it is necessary to integrate all the technologies involved, transforming a technical possibility into a real product. The mass adoption of these methodologies, at affordable costs for the patient, will be possible only with efficient integration and simplification.

In order to promote and apply these technologies in this sector, the project proposes to develop and implement a complete system that is capable of one-shot scanning of the body and limbs. The scanning will then be used to design sensorized medical devices, such as orthoses and custom chairs, among others, for subsequent production by deposition and machining the finishing.

Contact materials must be anti-allergenic and have all the suitable features for the given application. Because of the specificity of the application and the difficulties normally associated with market penetration, market assessment models will be prepared.

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