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PPS08 – Tools for Digital Transformation in Additive Manufacturing

PPS08 - Ferramentas para a Transformação Digital em Fabricação Aditiva

The main outcomes of PPS 8 will encompass various types of digital transformation tools (software, advanced automation, etc.), closely aligned with the various WPs of the INOV.AM Agenda, enabling a synergistic effect among the different WPs aimed at developing knowledge, products, processes, and services in Additive Manufacturing. While WP22 is a major contributor to this PPS, outputs will also be derived from WPs 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, and 22 (at least 13 digital transformation tools).

  • WP9: Robotic control software
  • WP10: Process automation between deposition, oven, and metrology
  • WP11: Automation between process and oven – crucible manipulation, sand vacuuming
  • WP12: Cartesian control software, machining, and deposition
  • WP14: Generic printer control software
  • WP15: Generic control software for digitization system
  • WP17: Communication software (equipment gateways)
  • WP22: Data processing software; slicing and control
  • WP22: Augmented reality software for process support and training
  • WP22: Cybersecurity
  • WP22: Digital markets – e-commerce tool and application testing
  • WP22: Application/web for knowledge valorization – Scientific Shares
  • WP22: Gateways and communication protocols.
Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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