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PPS07 – Advanced Training in Additive Manufacturing

PPS07 - Formação Avançada em Fabricação Aditiva

One of the main outcomes of the INOV-AM agenda is the development of a Training Academy, based on four multidisciplinary and complementary educational centers, which will serve as a knowledge platform aimed at empowering human resources within companies. This will be achieved through the development of tailored training modules for industries across all sectors, as well as for different personnel within a company. The training offerings will have a modular structure of short and medium duration, with hands-on or blended learning (B-learning) methodologies supported by the equipment available at the four centers and the e-learning platform that will be developed.

In addition to the training offerings, the Academy will also serve as a research and development platform to ensure the integration of Additive Manufacturing into companies with a high degree of maturity and reduced risk. This reinforcement of interaction between industry and the Academy will ensure continuous and sustainable growth of skilled labor, easier modernization of implemented manufacturing processes, and increased competitive differentiation for industries.

The centers will enable the demonstration of the Additive Manufacturing workflow, where Learning Factories and Direct Digital Factories will be created to encompass various Inov.AM projects. At least five types of training will be prepared for different target audiences, along with 15 training actions. The goal is to maintain their activity and economic value beyond 2025.

Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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