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Products – Processes – Services (PPS)

  • PPS01 – Hybrid Molds and Tools for Customization and Production of Low and Medium Product Ranges.

    PPS01 - Moldes híbridos e ferramentas para customização e produção de gamas baixas e médias de produtos

    The PPS 1 outputs comprise customized and modular productive molds and tools enabling the production of small and medium series of polymeric and/or metallic products at competitive costs. Within this PPS, four types of molds and tools (at least four new TRL7 products) will be produced, aligned with WP’s 2, 3, 4, and 24, namely: […]

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  • PPS02 – Materials for Additive Manufacturing

    PPS02 - Materiais para a Fabricação Aditiva

    The PPS2 outputs involve the production of specific materials for additive manufacturing, considering various additive manufacturing technologies, including Material Extrusion and Powder Bed Fusion. Materials with TRL7 will be produced and tested within WPs 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, and 21 (at least 11 new materials): WP1: Natural-origin material […]

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  • PPS03 – Hybrid Products with Enhanced Properties and Functionalities

    PPS03 - Produtos híbridos com propriedades e funcionalidades melhoradas

    In PPS 3, the major TRL7 outputs consist of hybrid products, customized items with specific variants, featuring enhanced functionalities at competitive costs, leveraging the advantages of conventional production materials and technologies along with Additive Manufacturing materials and technologies from WPs 1 and 7 (at least 6 new products). WP1 – Hybrid product for automotive sector; […]

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  • PPS04 – Hybrid Manufacturing Systems for Molds and Tools

    PPS04 - Sistemas de Manufatura Híbrida para moldes e ferramentas

    PPS04 aims to have available by the end of the agenda with TRL7, hybrid metal production systems (systems capable of additive and subtractive manufacturing in a single manufacturing system) for the repair and/or manufacturing of specific structures in molds and tools, originating from WPs 8, 9, and 10 (at least 3 new hybrid manufacturing systems). […]

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  • PPS05 – Additive Manufacturing Equipment with Enhanced Performance for Small Products (<1m3).

    PPS05 - Equipamentos para Fabricação Aditiva com desempenhos melhorados para produtos pequenos (

    PPS05 – Manufacturing Systems for Additive Production of Small Products (<1m3) with Enhanced Dimensional Precision PPS 5 outputs manufacturing systems for additive production (both proprietary and adapted to various materials and/or specific applications) with dimensions smaller than 1m3, yet with increased dimensional precision compared to PPS6 systems. These systems cater to diverse application areas and […]

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  • PPS06 – Additive Manufacturing Equipment for Large-scale Products (>1m3)

    PPS06 - Equipamentos para Fabricação Aditiva para produtos de grande dimensão (>1m3)

    PPS 6 outputs manufacturing systems for additive production of products exceeding 1m3 in dimension, catering to various application areas and utilizing different materials. These manufacturing systems developed by INOV. AM differ from those of PPS5 in their ability to produce larger products with lower dimensional precision requirements. Outputs originate from WPs 5, 12, 13, 16, […]

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  • PPS07 – Advanced Training in Additive Manufacturing

    PPS07 - Formação Avançada em Fabricação Aditiva

    One of the main outcomes of the INOV-AM agenda is the development of a Training Academy, based on four multidisciplinary and complementary educational centers, which will serve as a knowledge platform aimed at empowering human resources within companies. This will be achieved through the development of tailored training modules for industries across all sectors, as […]

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  • PPS08 – Tools for Digital Transformation in Additive Manufacturing

    PPS08 - Ferramentas para a Transformação Digital em Fabricação Aditiva

    The main outcomes of PPS 8 will encompass various types of digital transformation tools (software, advanced automation, etc.), closely aligned with the various WPs of the INOV.AM Agenda, enabling a synergistic effect among the different WPs aimed at developing knowledge, products, processes, and services in Additive Manufacturing. While WP22 is a major contributor to this […]

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