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INOV.AM’s Project Objective

The INOV.AM Agenda aims to develop and disseminate technologies and materials for additive manufacturing, with a view to their application across a broad spectrum of fields, enabling the production of customised and high-value-added products.

Investment Areas

The INOV.AM Agenda invests in strategic areas such as increasing productive capacity, advanced packaging technologies, high-throughput access networks, integrated optical circuits, and human resource development for the factories of the future.

Project Global Investment

The overall projected investment of the project will result in the development of at least 26 AM subsystems, 3 FS systems, 2 hybrid subsystems, at least 2 new materials for AM, 11 hybrid manufacturing cells, and at least 15 human resources training initiatives.

Project Total Duration

The INOV.AM Agenda will run for 42 months, from July 1st, 2022, to December 31st, 2025.

Consortium members

The INOV.AM consortium consists of 73 entities, comprising 12 Non-Business Entities and 61 Business Entities.

(Processes, Products and Services)


(Work Packages)

WP9 – Nonplanar.DED
WP10 – PIMMach
WP11 – Selective.Powder

Intervention Areas

The entities belonging to the INOV.AM consortium will bring to this initiative a wide range of competencies, providing a holistic and complementary vision in 5 main Intervention Areas.

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