INOV.AM attended the 360 Tech Industry fair at Exponor on 22nd-23rd May

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INOV.AM attended the 360 Tech Industry fair at Exponor on 22nd and 23rd May.

This fair brought together various national and international companies from the industry, particularly in areas such as robotics, automation, composites, moulds, subcontracting, and industrial maintenance, showcasing a range of technological solutions applicable to multiple sectors.

INOV.AM was present on both days of the event, which attracted over 5,000 visitors (official data). Attendees had the opportunity to discover some of the products and technologies developed through additive manufacturing, such as food (biscuits), moulds, glazed ceramic and clay pieces, and thermoplastic parts of various sizes for the furniture and decoration sectors. Additionally, digital transformation tools like cybersecurity software and an augmented reality platform allowed virtual interaction with the INOV.AM stand.

The agenda was honoured to receive an official visit from the AEP Administrator, Dr. Paulo Vaz, highlighting its contribution to the additive manufacturing sector in Portugal, international competitiveness, and a more productive and sustainable future.

On the 23rd of May, the scientific coordinator of the agenda and lead researcher at the University of Minho, António Pontes, was one of the speakers at the ‘Let’s Talk’ conference series. He showcased some of the products, equipment, and technologies being developed by INOV.AM that will significantly impact the national economy.

António Pontes also highlighted one of the main outcomes of the agenda, which is the development of a training academy. ‘Advanced training in additive manufacturing is a crucial pillar in the development and utilization of additive manufacturing technologies,’ he emphasized.

INOV.AM’s participation in this fair signifies its commitment to strengthening the agenda’s presence in the market and fostering networking opportunities.

We extend our gratitude to all our partners who have contributed to enhancing our agenda, and to everyone who had the opportunity to attend the event.

This Agenda receives support from the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP – and the European NextGeneration EU Funds. Explore how these initiatives are driving innovation and growth on our website.

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