SORGILA – Sociedade de Argilas S.A.

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SORGILA – Sociedade de Argilas, S.A. is headquartered in the Municipality of Leiria. One of the founders, Luís Padeiro Caetano, provided his entire commitment and dedication, before transmitting the business to his children with the status the company currently has.

Sorgila’s main customers for aggregates are linked to cement groups that operate in construction and public works in the area of ​​concrete and mortars.

In the ceramic sector, in addition to clay and kaolin for the manufacture of roof tiles, earthenware, stoneware, refractory, flooring and cladding, Sorgila supplies pre-prepared pastes for the manufacture of roof tiles, tiles and facing bricks.

Sorgila intends to stop being classified as an extractive company and start being considered as a supplier of well-defined products, based on quality, guarantee, customer assistance, capability and technical competence.

Economic Activity Code (CAE)

Extraction of gravel, sand and crushed stone, Extraction of clay and kaolin, Treatment and disposal of inert waste, Road freight transport and Recovery of non-metallic waste.

Products, Processes and Services we deliver

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Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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