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PTScience is a biotechnology company based in Portugal, specializing in the design, development and production of bio-based solutions, following the principles of green chemistry.

PTScience results from a collaboration between Universities, Research Centers and partner companies. The company holds the commitment to develop and deliver innovative, sustainable and green products since the moment they are designed up to production.

Economic Activity Code (CAE)

Manufacture of soaps, detergents and glycerin, Manufacture of ophthalmic optical material, Manufacture of jewelry and other goldsmith items, Research and development in biotechnology, Other research and development of physical and natural sciences, Other consultancy, scientific, technical and similar activities, n.e.c. and Retail trade by mail order or via the Internet.

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Agenda Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva
Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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