PLACIDO ROQUE – Indústria de Moldes e Máquinas Lda - INOV.AM

PLACIDO ROQUE – Indústria de Moldes e Máquinas Lda

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PLÁCIDO ROQUE – INDÚSTRIA DE MOLDES E MÁQUINAS, LDA was established in 1986 and has been part of the Moldetipo Group since 1996.

The company’s headquarters are located in the center of the Marinha Grande cluster and it develops its activity in the design, engineering, manufacturing and testing of molds, as well as the maintenance, alteration and rectification of molds.

Plácido Roque has vast and proven experience in the automotive, houseware, electronics, bi-material molds and water-assisted injection molds (WIT) areas. Its target markets are Europe, America and Asia, and it exports 100% of its production.

Plácido Roque covers all stages of the conceptualization and creation of a mold, from design (2D and 3D), engineering and mechanics, manufacturing and testing, in its own facilities.

Economic Activity Code (CAE)

Manufacture of metal molds

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Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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