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From Aveiro, Braga and Ovar, we develop and produce “Technology for Life” with one purpose: to improve people’s quality of life and to protect the environment. These Bosch units are part of the Home Comfort, Mobility Solutions and Building Technologies areas. A subsidiary of BSH Eletrodomésticos is located in Lisbon, as well as the Bosch headquarters, where a specialized team works in the areas of sales, commercial and marketing, communication services and shared services of Human Resources.

Economic Activity Code (CAE)


  • Bosch Car Multimedia (Braga)1
  • Bosch Security Systems (Ovar)2
  • Bosch Termotecnologia (Aveiro)3

1 – Manufacture of radio and television receivers and similar consumer goods and Manufacture of electronic components
2 – Manufacture of communication devices and equipment
3 – Manufacture of non-electrical appliances for home use, Manufacture of boilers and radiators for central heating, Wholesale trade of hardware, hand tools and plumbing and heating items, Engineering activities and related expertise, Manufacture of household appliances and Professional training.

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Agenda Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva
Inov.AM - Inovação em Fabricação Aditiva

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