Inov.AM Agenda - Innovation in Additive Manufacturing

What is Inov.AM’s Agenda about?

INOV.AM is an Innovation Mobilization Program in Additive Manufacturing, composed of companies from various sectors of activity and a set of entities from the national scientific system. It aims to develop various areas of intervention, including new materials, advanced additive manufacturing processes, advanced post-production processes, advanced automation and control software, new products and training for human resources. In order to empower the human resources of companies in core additive manufacturing subjects, this program also aims to develop an advanced training/certification plan that will be implemented across all areas of application covered by this program.

What is Innovative Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing is a process of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital model. This process is achieved through the successive addition of material, layer by layer. In contrast to subtractive manufacturing methods, where material is removed from a solid block, additive manufacturing builds the object by adding material, allowing for greater flexibility in design and the possibility to create complex geometries that would be difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional methods.


  • Inov.AM Conference – Additive Manufacturing – 22nd of November
    Inov.AM Conference – 22th of November Integrated into the Mold Week 2023, the INOV.AM conference is the first open event organized by the Additive Manufacturing [AM] innovation agenda, with the aim of presenting the processes, products, and services that are in development until the end of 2025. This event is scheduled for November 22, at Centimfe – Marinha Grande.


  • The importance of Inov.AM
    The President of the National Monitoring Committee for the PRR, Pedro Dominguinhos, emphasized the importance of the INOV.AM Agenda and the relationships between the mobilizing agendas of the Leiria region and its partners. During his presentation at the Business Association of the Leiria Region (NERLEI) on November 21st, he highlighted the Moulds Event 2023 as… Read more: The importance of Inov.AM
Inov.AM - Innovation in Additive Manufacturing
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